In Memoriam C.3.3.
                       The Oscar Beyond
                                                                 Canticle I: The Dark Cells   (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                             Canticle II: Sweet Wormwood   (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                                Canticle III: Demi-Heaven     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                             Excerpt from Demi-Heaven: Paris   (Word)   (PDF)
                                                              (Links to this these files, and some commentary,
                                   can also be found at Animula Vagula Blogula.--Arthur Chapin)
                                                                 Two sequels to In Memoriam C.3.3.:
                                                              Further Revelations of Oscar Wilde:
                                                                  Tome I: Dialogues of the Dead    (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                      Tome II: Psychomachia    (Word)      (PDF)
                                                              Tome III: An Evening with the Poets    (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                      From Farther Revels:
                                                           Tombe I: The American Tour Revisited  (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                   Tombe II: Cat-Call Music Hall     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                       Tombe III: Mystical Maths     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                               The Ascension of Old China Blue   (Word)   (PDF)
                                                                              The American Tour     (Word)
                                                                              Wilde and Tennyson     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Dante     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Shakespeare    (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Proust     (Word)      (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Joyce           (Word)   (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Cardinal Newman   (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Rossetti      (Word)      (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Carlyle       (Word)      (PDF)

                                                                              Wilde and Lewis Carroll     (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Pater      (Word)       (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Ruskin     (Word)
                                                                              Wilde and Byron    (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Conan Doyle    (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Yeats     (Word)
                                                                              Wilde and Borges    (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                                             Wilde and Freud     (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Rousseau    (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Emerson    (Word)  (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Heraclitus    (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Hegel    (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Nietzsche    (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Wordsworth   (Word)   (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Montaigne   (Word)  (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Rilke   (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Poe     (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Max Beerbohm     (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Spenser     (Word) 
                                                                              Wilde, FitzGerald, et al.     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Chatterton     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Dickinson     (Word)
                                                                              Wilde and James Clarence Mangan     (Word)
                                                                              Wilde and Arthur Machen     (Word)
                                                                              Wilde and the Question of Plagiarism  (Word)  (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and the British Empire   (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Victorian Morality   (Word)   (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and the Eternal Return    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde Visits His Own Tomb    (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and the Lightness of the Light  (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              A Letter from the Sphinx   (Word)  (PDF)
                                                                              Wilde and Astral Travel   (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                              Oscar at the Movies     (Word)
                                                                              Oscar and the Universe     (Word)
                                                                              Strange Gods: Theologies of Oscar Wilde     (Word)
                                                                              Oscar Sups with the Dead    (Word)
                                                                              Oscar Goes to Heaven     (Word)
                                                                              The Arthurian Cycle     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                              Three Gaol-Cell Fantasies of Oscar Wilde     (Word) 
                                                                              The Mysties: Irish Matters     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                              The Story-Teller at Fault    (Word)
                                                                              Iris of the Eye: A Novella-in-Progress    (Word)
                                                                              Tragedia dell'Arte: A Puppet Show     (Word)
                                                                              Notes of a Concert-Goer (Wilde)     (Word)   (PDF)
                                                                                                        Zephyr   (Word)  (PDF)
                                                                             February in Heaven   (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                             Fabulous Beasts     (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                             Summer's Leavings: All the Lost Things  (Word)  (PDF)
                                                                             Caduceus: Poems for Hermes     (Word)
                                                                             Cecelia's Kids (On Music and Musicians)  (Word)
                                                                                             Circles: Three Days in a Life     (Word)
                                                                   The Orphan in the Dark: Poems of Orpheus (Word) (PDF)
                                                                                       The Poem    (Word)    (PDF)
                                                                                       The Big Fall     (Word)
                                                                                       Egyptian Dreams     (Word)
                                                                                       Pierrot, His Lives and Loves     (Word)
                                                                                       Sor Juana    (PDF)
                                                                                       Arcimboldo   (PDF)
                                                                                       Two Pieces: Recitative and Duet   (Word)
                                                                                       The Other Noah     (Word)
                                                                                       The Four Stages of Cruelty     (Word)
                                                                                       Shepherds of Letters     (Word)
                                                                                       Gilgamesh    (Word)     (PDF)
                                                                                       The Royal Cemetery at Ur     (Word)
                                                                                       The Temple Singer     (Word)
                                                                                       Names of the Bone     (Word)
                                                                                       A Military Briefing     (Word)
                                                                                       Two Prose-Poems     (Word)
                                                                                       Boneface: Gothic Gaucheries     (Word)
                                                                                       On Light Approached from a Curious Angle    (Word)
                                                                                       Wallpaper and Holy Water: An Essay on Wilde   (Word)
                                                                                       Chaucer and the Nun's Priest's Tale    (Word)   (PDF)
                                                                                       Christopher Smart and Jubilate Agno   (Word)
                                                                                       Merrill's Ouija Board Epic     (Word)
                                                                                      Vincent Price Reading The Harlot's House (Video)
                                                                                       Tom O'Bedlam Reading The Harlot's House (Video)
                                                                                       Moonlight Bay (MP3)    Durufl Lux Aeterna